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Pure Excellence

Mr. Gordon Wallack was extremely professional and proactive with my case.  He handled my case with very special attention, priority, and great detail.  He's extremely experienced and knowledgeable in his profession.  I'm very pleased with the outcome and grateful I hired him.

Posted by Melissa September 21, 2016

Excellent RE Attorney

Gordon Wallack is extremely knowledgeable in his field and because of his extensive background he has handled my case very capably and with confidence.  He has understood what I needed and suggested actions that I need to take and has done his part in a manner which has helped me extensively with a very difficult situation.  He is always within reach if I have  questions and follows up with me quickly.  He is a very pleasant person to work with!

Posted by Carol April 21,

Gordon Wallack Excellent Lawyer

Although having to enlist the services of a lawyer is never a pleasant experience having an experienced professional is always comforting.  I was very satisfied with the manner in which Mr. Wallack represented me during and more importantly even now after my case has come to a settlement. I always interview several professional candidates in matters such as these and I feel that I made the correct choice in regards to choosing Mr. Wallack to represent me. 

Posted by Dr. Bryan Saiki March 8, 2016

Property Selling

When selling a rental  home to the tenants directly I consulted Mr. Wallack.  Not only he provided us with great advice in great detail he also recommended an Escrow company that works with us very well.  I will consult, hire Mr. Wallack with any future legal mattes without any reservations. Mr. Wallack is also a wonderful human being that cares and will look after your best inerests.

Posted by Cesar March 4, 2016


Daily Journal Verdicts & Settlments, Oct 7, 2016

Neutral Gordon Wallack's Structured Approach

"I would recommend him," said attorney Allen S. Farshi.  "He's intelligent, articulate, and a problem solver, and he brings more than 30 years experience in real estate law."

Allen S. Farshi, Esq describing Wallack's Mediation Approach to the Los Angeles Daily Journal

Los Angeles

Describing Gordon Wallack's Mediation Skills

"His approach was to try to understand the people involved and their quirks. We settled in a way that was beneficial to my clients, and I would have bet against that when I walked in."

Terrance Huber, Esq.

Encino, California   October 2016

Mediation Practice

"Wallack is not reluctant to share his opinion. I like it when a mediator is not just a messenger going back and forth between the two sides.  The mediator can say things that the client may take more seriously. It helps to have somebody who has the experience of litigating cases before juries, not just theoretical knowledge . . "

Steven A. Sokol, Esq.

Calabasas, California

Best Attorney I've Worked With May 2019

I hired Mr. Wallack to assist with preparing/threatening a third party with a Civil Lawsuit to clear ownership of a property in California,  I'm located in South Carolina.  Not only did his strategy work it was completed in "gazelle" like time.  I greatly appreciate his timeliness, is expertise, and being available for any questions or calls related to this topic.  I can't thank Mr. Wallack enough for all that he has done.  The building sold in record time once the ownership was cleared.  Best attorney I've worked with.  I hope to meet his someday in person.  With sincerity

VP Operations, Americas, Keith 

May 2019